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Marie-Rose's Personal Profile

Full Name Marie-Rose Prost-Karatchian
Name of her mother Victoria Karatchian (died 1978)
Profession Artisan, furniture-dealer
Husband's name André Prost
Children 2 sons:
  • Daniel (born 1953, died 17.09.1986)
  • Alain (born 24.02.1955)
Grand-children 4 grand-children:

Marie-Rose Prost

It's very difficult to find information about Alain Prost's family in books, newspapers and magazines... Alain himself said about his mom, that she is always full of energy. She can not stop doing something all the time, there has to be always something going on and she even eats in three minutes. Everything has to go fast to not lose any time...

Nowadays, Alain's mom lives in the South of France, near Cannes.

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